Think Starlite Lanes for your next party!

With 30 lanes giving us a capacity for 180 bowlers and the Driftwood Inn, a full service bar and restaurant, Starlite Lanes has everything you need to make your next birthday, corporate party, or fundraising event something to talk about.


Birthday Parties

Starlite Lanes offer two distinct birthday packages to make your child’s birthday a day they will definitely remember.

These packages are available to children 13 years and under. Each party must have a minimum of 6 children to qualify for package pricing. Adults and children older than 13 years may bowl with the party, but standard open bowling rates apply. With each package pop is provided, we ask that you only bring in your cake, ice cream, and decorations. We will need at least one week notice in order to guarantee lanes are available.

Package #1
Price per child: $7.50 (bowling shoes included)
Bowling and use of the area for 90 minutes.
One small pop per child.
The birthday child will receive a special decorated bowling pin as our gift.

Package #2
Price per child: $9.95 (bowling shoes included)
Bowling and use of the area for 90 minutes.
One medium pop per child.
2 slices of pizza per child.
The birthday child will receive a special decorated bowling pin as our gift.

Each party is 90 minutes long, as many games as the kids can bowl. Because the party is limited to 90 minutes we recommend allowing the bowlers to bowl one full game, pause for cake and gifts, and then continue bowling until time runs out. We cannot guarantee that all games will be completed at the end of the 90 minutes.

In the winter months our available birthday party times fill up fast, call to reserve yours today! Remember to reserve at least one week in advance to make sure lanes are available.


During the course of a bowling season Starlite Lanes regularly hosts fundraising events for many local organizations. Many of the groups see such a good turnout that not only do they return the next year, many book another date in the same season!

We can recommend formats for your fundraiser from past experiences, but ultimately the decision is up to. From door prizes to 50/50 drawings to prizes for getting a strike in certain frames, the sky is the limit. Your event can take place under our regular or black lights, we can even play the type of music that you choose. Group pricing is available, call now to reserve a day and time for your fundraising event.

Group Outings

If you’re looking for a spot to hold your next corporate outing, family reunion, or just a night out with a group of friends why not go bowling? Large group rates are available, call today to book your event.

Anatomy of a Galactic Fundraiser

Your fundraiser can take any form you like. The following is a fun format that has worked well for our fundraising groups in the past.

Players split into teams of two (it’s helpful if the teams are determined beforehand, when the bowlers register for the fundraiser). Each team bowls three games of Scotch Doubles. In the Scotch Doubles format both bowlers of the team bowl under the same name, but no bowler throws two balls in a row. One bowler throws the first ball, their partner throws at the spare. If the first bowler strikes, their partner starts the next frame.

  • Game 1 – Regular Scotch Doubles
  • Game 2 – 9-pin no-tap (9 pins count as a strike)
  • Game 3 – 3-6-9 Game (Each team gets free strikes in frame 3, 6 and 9)

Another popular game to include in a galactic fundraiser is Strike-A-Mania. After each game every bowler gets a chance to qualify for the finals. After the final qualifying round the qualifiers continue to try for strikes, with anyone who doesn’t get a strike being eliminated. Typical Strike-A-Mania events continue to eliminate bowlers until one male and one female bowler are left. These two continue to try for strikes, the one that keeps striking wins.

The prizes and/or payouts for the participants depend on your group. If all of the bowlers are adults most groups opt for cash prizes for the top three series of the night and the Strike-A-Mania winner. With younger bowlers many groups opt to give out donated prizes and gift certificates for the winners.

Ultimately the success of your fundraiser depends on the work the organizers put into it. Many groups in the past have had very successful silent auctions, door prizes, and more. Many area businesses are willing to donate to a good cause.